Enjoying a well-kept garden in good weather is always a real pleasure. Of course, to do this, you have to mow the lawn or maintain the lawn, trim hedges, plant flowers, … To carry out these tasks, it is ideal to benefit from the experience of a company specialising in gardening.

A complete gardening service, from garden design to green space maintenance

Using professional landscaping and gardening companies offers many attractions and advantages. Here is a small, non-exhaustive overview.

  • The layout of the garden and the maintenance of the “green part” of the space.A company specialising in gardening will not limit itself to the maintenance of the garden’s green space (planting, mowing the lawn, etc.) Since the creation and development of the garden(creation of terraces, paved paths, retaining wall,…) until lawn maintenance, lawn mowing, tree pruning, you will have a complete accompaniment.
  • A knowledge and mastery of the different fields of gardening. A gardening company is made up of several landscapers and gardeners who work in different sectors of horticulture. Creation of wooden or stone terraces, laying out of paved paths, creation of flower beds, lawn maintenance,… within the companies, there is a real multidisciplinarity.

Two types of garden maintenance: occasional or recurring gardening

According to your desires, your needs and the work to be carried out in the green space, the garden development company offers two formulas of garden maintenance.

  • The so-called “punctual gardening is the maintenance of the garden that is carried out at certain times of the year, depending on the season or the customer’s request. These include pruning trees at different times of the year, moving hedges, renovating lawns after a rainy season or other work…
  • Recurring gardening. This is a year-round maintenance: spraying fertilizer, pruning flower beds or shaping hedges, cleaning the lawn, etc. This service is usually provided through an annual gardening contract.